segunda-feira, outubro 22, 2007

A eficácia é mais importante, ou está primeiro que a eficiência

“A successful strategic positioning process is a journey in thinking. It is an exercise in analysis, creativity, and implementation that asks participants to imagine the future based on the past. There can be no predetermined road map, and the end point – itself a misleadingly – sounding concept – cannot even be described until one is close to it. The magic comes not from reaching certain points but from the group’s reaction to the concepts it grasps and to the aspirations to which that understanding gives rise. The success comes not from finishing the process but from following up on those aspirations.” *

Não é uma questão de eficiência, é uma questão de eficácia!!!

* extraído de “Nonprofit Strategic Positioning – Decide Where to Be, Plan What to Do” de Thomas McLaughlin
Estas ideias já foram abordadas aqui e aqui
Este livro de McLaughlin está a revelar-se uma leitura interessante, transpira experiência...

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