sexta-feira, junho 16, 2017

O tempo que agora vivemos

Recuar a Outubro de 2011 e a "Recordar Lawrence... nada está escrito (parte X)" onde se mencionava: "Made in America, Again - Why Manufacturing Will Return to the U.S.".

Nesse texto podia ler-se:
"The conditions are coalescing for another U.S. resurgence. Rising wages, shipping costs, and land prices—combined with a strengthening renminbi—are rapidly eroding China’s cost advantages. The U.S., meanwhile, is becoming a lower-cost country. Wages have declined or are rising only moderately. The dollar is weakening. The workforce is becoming increasingly flexible. Productivity growth continues.
Our analysis concludes that, within five years, the total cost of production for many products will be only about 10 to 15 percent less in Chinese coastal cities than in some parts of the U.S. where factories are likely to be built. Factor in shipping, inventory costs, and other considerations, and—for many goods destined for the North American market—the cost gap between sourcing in China and manufacturing in the U.S. will be minimal. In some cases, companies will move work to inland China to find lower wages. But this will not be an attractive option in many indus- tries. Chinese cities in the interior provinces lack the abundance of skilled workers, supply networks, and efficient transportation infrastructure of those along the coast, offsetting much of the savings afforded by slightly lower labor costs."
É este o tempo que agora vivemos, o "within five years, the cost gap between sourcing in China and manufacturing in the U.S. will be minimal."

O fim da China como a fábrica do mundo, a re-industrialização vai acelerar.

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