quinta-feira, maio 11, 2017

Biologia, economia e diversidade

Parte I.
"If we stand back from the evolution of life on Earth and view it as a whole, a number of patterns are apparent.
2.1. DiversificationAn obvious trend is that living processes have diversified as evolution proceeded. When life first began on Earth, it was limited to exploiting only a tiny proportion of available free energy sources under a very restricted range of environmental conditions. From there living processes have diversified progressively as evolution unfolded, spreading across the planet, adapting to an ever- widening range of environmental conditions and exploiting more and more sources of free energy. This trend towards increasing diversification has continued up until the present with the emergence of humans, albeit now mainly through the processes of cultural evolution, rather than through gene-based adaptation and speciation."
O que é Mongo senão uma manifestação desta tendência?


O século XX e a sua aposta na escala ficará na história como uma espécie de analogia do Jurássico geológico com os seus dinossauros.

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