domingo, janeiro 29, 2017

Alterar a oferta (parte III)

Na parte II sublinhámos:
"This era was dominated by three imperatives: that stores must look the same, that in-store service must be the same, and that bigger was better.
The disadvantage, of course, is that everything looks and feels the same, wherever you are, whatever the brand.
The approach is rapidly losing its pertinence: customers are moving on. The new middle classes, who were invited to share in these brands, now want to be surprised. They demand a newness and diversity that cannot be satisfied by uniform stores."
Depois, encontrei este documentário a um monumento ao século XX em "The Monotony Of Globalism: 32 Cities, 32 Identical Hotel Rooms":
"the founder of the monster hotel chain, Conrad Hilton, that claimed "Each of our hotels is a little America." Eager to test that assertion, Eberhard booked a standard Hilton room in every city he visited, staying for only one night in each.
Otherwise, it's the same sterile environment repeated with every turn of the page.
With the rise of companies like Airbnb and the reach of social media, a universal style has seeped its way into cities worldwide—and it's a type of uniformity that extends beyond hotel walls.[Moi ici: ???] Preceding all of this was Hilton, repeating its design all over the world as it sprang up in city after city in the '60s, paving the way for this level of sameness and our ready acceptance of it."
Desenhado para funcionários em viagem em pleno Normalistão. O futuro não passará por aqui, certamente. Pelo menos para a maioria fora da caixa.

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