domingo, janeiro 29, 2017

"You can't assume that value magically or organically emerges"

"The third prerequisite is the ability to meet your promises in the field and on the manufacturing line. If you don't deliver on your promises, then you will find it difficult to extract value. Companies have a tendency to offer price discounts to cover up shortcomings on the product or service side. This practice is flawed for two reasons: First, it masks and perpetuates the product and services deficits. Second, it diminishes perceived value. Fix your issues first, then build your foundation. Fixing the issues is not only a mechanical or manufacturing challenge. It is also a cultural one. A culture of execution to high standards prevents you from backsliding or accepting lower quality in the future. You have to make sure you deliver on your promises; otherwise, you may not get a second chance, no matter how good you may be objectively. Customers won't trust you.
VBP has to be an explicit corporate priority. If value is just another buzzword you're entertaining, don't do it. It will fail. A company's strategic charter usually offers clues to how committed that organization is to value. When I read these charters, I often see talk about operational excellence, innovation, ethics, and sustainability. But where is the word "value"? Where is the phrase that I rarely if ever see: "differentiation value?" You can't assume that value magically or organically emerges through all of your other actions as a company. You have to identify it explicitly, and you have to measure it.
teams quickly forget that value is subjective. It is relative, segment-specific, and future-oriented. For these reasons, value is always a moving target, rather than a fixed one you can home in on. The challenges of tracking that moving target are many,"

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