quarta-feira, agosto 17, 2016

"There is no such thing as an average or old-fashioned business"

"The lesson is as direct as it is disruptive: There is no such thing as an average or old-fashioned business, just average or old-fashioned ways to do business. The thrill of breakthrough creativity can be summoned in all sorts of industries and all walks of life if executives and entrepreneurs are prepared to reimagine what’s possible in their fields. In fact, the opportunity to reach for extraordinary may be most pronounced in settings that have been far too ordinary for far too long."
Uma mensagem bem na linha daquela lição que aprendi há cerca de 10 anos:
“… there are no “sunset” industries condemned to disappear in high wage economies, although there are certainly sunset and condemned strategies, among them building a business on the advantages to be gained by cheap labor” 
Claro que o mais fácil é vender maçãs como sempre se venderam maçãs, ou vender têxteis como sempre se venderam minutos de trabalho. Ou vender serviços de contabilidade como um serviço de cumprimento de legislação.

Trecho retirado "There’s No Such Thing As an Average Business, Just Average Ways to Do Business"

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