terça-feira, abril 26, 2016

Capacidade cada vez mais remota de se ser tudo para todos

Primeiro, recuo a 2006

Para sublinhar a cada vez maior importância das experiências.
"Experiences have to relate to the people having them in order for them to be memorable and sharable. In other words, they have to align with the wants, needs, desires, and aspirations of the target audience. And they have to be crafted in a way that feels authentic and natural, and not contrived by a company’s marketing department.
Marketers can’t fake authenticity. The experience must emanate from the brand heritage or the brand story, and if your brand doesn’t have one (or doesn’t have a compelling one), then your first step is to find and/or build one. People today want to know what the companies with whom they do business stand for, so it is imperative that your experiences be aligned with your brand story and brand promise. Anything less than real, authentic alignment will dampen your ability to inspire real engagement, let alone create or enhance strong customer relationships."
Agora, relacionar experiências com explosão de tribos cada vez mais assimetricamente comprometidas com tópicos identitários e exclusivos. Depois, pensar na capacidade cada vez mais remota de se ser tudo para todos.
E acrescentar Mongo e a democratização da produção.

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