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Muito mais do que valor financeiro (parte VI)

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"the growing desire to replace all this stuff with experiences – those which you can buy, and those which you can’t.
For small businesses looking to tap into future trends, a key movement in the next few years is bound to be that replacement of buying stuff with building memories for ourselves and our families.
The “experience economy” is set to grow, and many small and medium enterprises have services or products which fit that trend. The key now is to recognise that, and modify the way you interact with your customers to speak to this desire.
... Define who your customers are, and what experiences they are seeking.You need to know your customers, what they like and dislike, where you find them on social media, their problems, and how you can solve them....Use case studies to tell your potential customers what a great experience you can provide.Food, tourism, and leisure businesses are ideally placed to tap into this trend, and sharing the stories of people who have built great memories from your products or services is an effective way of doing that."

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