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Tecto de vidro? Uma hipótese de explicação (parte XI)

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"Happy customers are good, but profitable customers are much better.
amid all these measures of customer success, some companies lose sight of the ultimate objective: to make a profit from selling products and services. In their zeal to delight customers, these companies actually lose money with them. They become customer-obsessed rather than customer-focused. When the customer says "jump," they ask "how high?" They offer additional product features and services to their customers, but fail to receive prices that cover the costs for these additional features and services.
How can companies avoid this situation? By adding a metric that summarizes customer profitability.
The ability to measure profitability at the individual customer level allows companies to consider new customer profitability metrics such as "percentage of unprofitable customers," or "dollars lost in unprofitable customer relationships." Such customer profitability measures provide a valuable signal that satisfaction, retention, and growth in customer relationships are desirable only if these relationships contribute to higher, not lower, profits."

Trecho retirado de "A Balanced Scorecard Approach To Measure Customer Profitability " de Robert Kaplan.

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