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Acerca da estratégia e do BSC

"According to Harvard Business Review the top reason that strategic plans fail to yield their intended revenue projections is inadequate resources. New ideas are approved but not funded appropriately. Probably because they didn’t do their homework and don’t want to invest much. Even more likely they didn’t know where to find the funds because they didn’t identify anything to STOP doing.
Your true strategy is how you spend your money. So if after a strategic plan you are still funding everything from before and then trying to add new initiatives, chances are that you really haven’t committed to the strategy. The new ideas die from starvation.
Another reason is that the initiative is pursued in a seat-of-the-pants fashion and not planned. In this instance, communication and alignment are often not effective, and derail the project. Strategy’s role is to focus the organization not to create a free-for-all of a bunch of new projects–one for every function–that are not coordinated across the organization for maximum impact."
Trecho retirado de "Strategic Planning Tip: How to Prioritize for Profitability"
Impossível não recordar os textos de Roger Martin sobre estratégia, publicados ao longo deste ano. Estratégia não é adivinhação, estratégia não é redução de incerteza, estratégia é concentração e foco, para alinhar recursos numa alternativa para o futuro.

Agora, traduzir uma estratégia num mapa da estratégia, gerar um BSC que permita monitorizar a evolução do desempenho e, promover a transformação que fará executar a estratégia e atingir as metas, através de um conjunto de iniciativas que esclarecem:
  • o que fazer?
  • por quem?
  • até quando?
  • quanto custa?
"And know what? Uncertainty is a bitch. It plagues every plan you hatch, and it eats away at any attempt for peace of mind."
 Daí a importância da monitorização, o caminho para o futuro não é
uma linha recta, é preciso estar atento e ir afinando as coisas.

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