sábado, março 30, 2013

Perigosa propaganda liberal que quer promover a precariedade (parte III)

Há anos que escrevo aqui sobre o impacte de Mongo no desemprego... sobre o impacte de Mongo naquilo a que chamamos trabalho e local de trabalho.
Num postal excepcionalmente longo Seth Godin desenvolve o tema em "Toward zero unemployment":
"A dozen generations ago, there was no unemployment, largely because there were no real jobs to speak of. Before the industrial revolution, the thought that you’d leave your home and go to an office or a factory was, of course, bizarre.
What happens now that the industrial age is ending? As the final days of the industrial age roll around, we are seeing the core assets of the economy replaced by something new. Actually, it’s something old, something handmade, but this time, on a huge scale.
I can’t wait until we return to zero percent unemployment, to a time when people with something to contribute (everyone)  pick themselves instead of waiting for a bureaucrat’s permission to do important work."
E até a reforma como a conhecemos será coisa do passado "Tricotar a moda"

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