terça-feira, setembro 29, 2020

Imaginem o impacte disto nas PMEs portuguesas na área da moda

 Imaginem o impacte disto nas PMEs portuguesas na área da moda:

"But what does hibernation mean for fashion on the shop floor? These will be items that never made it as far as stores in the first place, so you will probably not be able to tell whether something that you’re looking at in a shop in 2021 was originally intended to be sold in 2020


A possible negative impact of stock hibernation (aside from the costs associated with storing a large quantity of product) may be that jobs are lost throughout the manufacturing process as a result. From designers who are no longer needed to create a new spring 2021 collection, to factories which will no longer receive the orders, implications would arise from ‘skipping’ a season - problems which are simply a delayed result of the initial store closures."

Trechos retirados de "Retailers are 'hibernating' their unsold stock for next summer

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