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Democratização da produção (Parte I)

Há quantos anos escrevemos aqui sobre Mongo?
Há quantos anos escrevemos aqui sobre o bailado entre a crescente tribalização do gosto dos clientes e a tecnologia que permite a produção personalizada?

"Products will come off the assembly line in small, highly customized batches, like a high-tech version of old-fashioned craftsmanship. The revolution is on its way, and within the next five to 10 years, manufacturers in all industries will find themselves in a race to efficiently produce products at the point of demand — that is, where their customers are — and to deliver these items when their customers want them, personalized to their customers’ individual tastes.
Factories will be smaller, operating with minimal lead times and shorter value chains. Management will be decentralized, the supply chain will be simplified and shortened, and the distance separating the manufacturer from its customers will be sharply reduced.
In emerging markets as well as developed regions, customers increasingly expect products that match local cultural preference rather than homogeneous global brands and business-to-business services.
Nimble manufacturers will reap significant gains from the point-of- demand model. As their supply systems become more responsive and as local customer demand becomes less of a guessing game, inventory inefficiencies and the carrying costs of having to warehouse products in bulk will decline. The expense of supply chain management and production planning will drop as well. And companies able to produce personalized products that are best suited to customer needs when customers want them will enjoy higher sales margins. By contrast, as point-of-demand manufacturing takes hold, companies that operate global factory networks with large centralized plants, managed by traditional operating systems, organizations, and processes, may find that their business models are outmoded."

Interessante como estes artigos não mencionam aquilo que é o óbvio ululante para mim. Caminhamos para uma economia em que pequenas unidades produtivas com alcance global serão cada vez mais comuns, e captarão a nata da margem em cada vez mais negócios.

Rumo à democratização da produção.


Trechos retirados de "Manufacturing’s new world order - The rise of the point-of-demand model"

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