segunda-feira, abril 29, 2019

Locus de controlo interno e optimismo

Lembram-se do locus de controlo interno? Por exemplo, "Que diferença" (Setembro de 2009) e "We' re in control" (Novembro de 2007).

Acredito que pessoas com o locus de controlo interno têm maior sensação de controlo da sua vida, e não esperam que um qualquer salvador externo lhes veja resolver os seus problemas.

Acredito que assumir um locus de controlo interno é meio caminho andado para ter uma atitude optimista na vida. Por que é que o optimismo é importante? Por isto, "The Financial Upside of Being an Optimist":
"After controlling for wealth, income, skills, and other demographics to level the playing field, the data clearly showed that optimists were significantly more likely to experience better financial health than pessimists, and engage in healthier habits with their money. For instance, we found that 90% of optimists have put money aside for a major purchase, compared to 70% of pessimists. Nearly two thirds of optimists have started an emergency fund, while less than half of pessimists have. Additionally, optimists are more likely to seek out and follow advice from someone they trust. In my opinion, the most compelling finding was how optimists felt, reporting that they stressed about finances 145 fewer days each year as compared to pessimists.
Optimism is a lucrative investment beyond one’s finances. Optimists do better over the course of their careers as well. They make more money and are more likely to be promoted."

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