quarta-feira, fevereiro 13, 2019

"play your own game, and always have a healthy respect for the competition"

Engraçado, neste postal, "É nestes momentos de mudança ... (parte IV)", escrevi:
"As empresas não devem focar-se demasiado na concorrência, mas ao iniciar um processo de transformação convém perceber onde estamos, quem pode competir connosco no novo espaço para onde poderemos pensar ir, e se poderemos ter alguma hipótese nele."
Agora, encontro "Play Your Game, But Don’t Ignore Everyone Else Playing Theirs":
"There are two schools of thought on competition. One is “play your own game.” This means to focus on yourself and not allow your approach to be influenced by what anyone else is doing. The other is to study the competition relentlessly and react to everything they do.
playing your own game” can be dangerous when organizations underestimate the competition.
There is no question that ignoring—or worse, underestimating—your competition, is a dangerous practice. But businesses and teams, can also go too far to the other extreme.
You have to have a healthy awareness of your competition, but if you take it too far, it can dilute your message and you’ll end up deviating from what you stand for. I have seen this approach cost companies deals when they tried to play the competition’s game and came up short.
So my advice is to play your own game, understand the kind of people you need to make your game successful, and always have a healthy respect for the competition (without being maniacal)."

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