segunda-feira, dezembro 24, 2018

"hav[ing] the conversation with the client"

Ao ler:
""One of the most common mistakes [small business owners make] is to avoid hav[ing] the conversation with the client regarding [the client's] expectations," the Speros pointed out. "These expectations can often be unrealistic, unmeasured, and don't match what they actually are trying to communicate."
As a business owner, it is your responsibility to initiate that difficult conversation. Customers should have a realistic picture of what they are buying, including the cost of their purchase, what it includes, what they can expect as a result, and any return or refund policy you may have in place."
Como não recordar logo de imediato "aposta noutro mindset" onde a isto:

"Every visit customers have to make are an opportunity for interaction and co-creation"
Trecho inicial retirado de "Customer Retention Strategies for Small Businesses"

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