sábado, março 17, 2018

Um mundo polarizado (parte II)

Parte I.

Bem em linha com a minha versão acerca do futuro do retalho e em desalinhamento com as visões superficiais, "This is the real story of American retail":
"Forget all the “retail apocalypse” headlines. The phrase suggests the whole industry is collapsing, consulting firm Deloitte says. In reality, it’s not.
But it is changing in significant and fundamental ways.
There’s no apocalypse, Deloitte found, but there is a “renaissance” of sorts going on.
At the high and low ends, retail is thriving. It’s in the middle that it’s faltering.
According to Deloitte, more stores are actually opening than closing. But they’re all on the low and high ends. If you look at the middle only, the situation does look dire.

Os que vêem a ascensão da Amazon acham que o caminho que ela está a seguir é a única via, mas reparem na polarização.

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