quinta-feira, dezembro 14, 2017

Estratégia em todo lado - não é winner-take-all (parte VI)

Parte V.

Em linha com o que defendo aqui há anos:
"What has allowed digital ecosystems to become so dominant? The answer lies in a winner-take-all dynamic of competition, which allows winners to reach tremendous scale and build impregnable moats around their positions.
Orchestrators of digital ecosystems have all focused on exploiting this winner-take-all dynamic to establish dominant positions. Nondigital players, by contrast, lacking the kind of advantages noted above, have mostly not succeeded in building digital ecosystems.
digital ecosystems rely on the winner-take-all dynamic underpinned by zero marginal costs, network effects, access to data, and user convenience. But hybrid ecosystems [digital-physical ecosystems] cannot succeed through technology and scale alone. Operating in the physical realm means dealing with the messiness of hardware. Hybrid ecosystems tend to have a narrower scope because they require deep domain knowledge and dense business relationships."
Trechos retirados de "Getting Physical: The Rise of Hybrid Ecosystems"

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