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"the more important it is to think about boundaries"

"If 'management' is the art of achieving efficiency within a more or less defined framework, 'leadership' is the art of navigating an organization through structural change. Structural change may mean adverse conditions.
If leadership is the same as helping an organization navigate through structural change, it must be based on an understanding of both external (contextual and business) dynamics and internal dynamics.
Business systems are being reconfigured. No definitions, no boundaries are sacred.
Co-production takes place in networks. 'Workers' are no longer employed but wandering nomads crossing invisible and undefinable boundaries everywhere. Companies invent means to influence what goes on far beyond their legal boundaries. They see customers and other value constellation partners as equally important to manage as 'employees'.
This lack of boundaries, this haze, this lack of definition in the physical world, paradoxically requires us to think more, not less of boundaries. The paradox that the more boundaryless the world seems to be, the more important it is to think about boundaries [Moi ici: Ponto muito interessante, na senda de "First, define yourself, then, define your audience"]
If we are to keep our sense of purpose and identity, we must have an idea of what we are and who we are. But the more the physical world becomes blurred, the more this sense of identity must come from reflection, from activities performed in the conceptual domain. [Moi ici: Outro ponto interessante, não somos o que fazemos, somos mais do que isso, somos os resultados que ajudamos a atingir, somos o progresso que facilitamos, somos os sonhos que ajudamos a cumprir]
Conceptualizing must compensate for the haziness."
Agora relacionar estes sublinhados com as reflexões sobre o tecto de vidro e a incapacidade de fazer escolhas dolorosas, sobre a dificuldade de deixar de pensar apenas no que se produz, o output, em vez de equacionar os inputs.

Trechos de Richard Normann retirados do seu "Reframing Business"!!!

tecto de vidro

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