terça-feira, setembro 05, 2017

O contexto tem muita força (parte XI)

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"The concept of economic spaces represents a new logic of organizing based on neither the traditional market nor a process. Whereas processes involve relations based on dependence and markets involve relations based on independence, the new economic spaces involve relations of dynamic, temporal interdependence.
Management and strategy used to be about rational choice between a set of known options and variables. The variables of creative work and complex environments have increased beyond systems thinking and process design. Under circumstances of rapid technological change, the management challenge is not in better planning and control, but in creation of protocols that make possible openness to possibilities and plausible options.
Network theory suggests that what the system becomes emerges from the complex, responsive relationships of its members, continuously developing in communication."
Por todo o lado esta importância do contexto.

Trechos retirados de "New Economic Spaces"

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