segunda-feira, setembro 25, 2017

Experimentar e iterar

"As for remaking its stores, Toys “R” Us is going to try: According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the company will convert “its remaining locations … to be more experienced-based, incorporating amenities such as in-store play areas,” a gambit to be not just a place where parents can get things for their kids but one where they can entertain them. This move places the store in line with many other retailers in this moment, claiming they are not, in the end, shopping destinations but places to have “experiences”—something Millennials are believed to prefer. As my colleague Joe Pinsker reported last week, retailers from Apple to Starbucks to Nordstrom are pivoting to providing spa services, classes, restaurants and cafes, and so on.
Catering to Millennial parents is not an impossible task, ... Millennials, he argues, will “pay a small premium for exceptionally easy-to-use brands, exceptionally strong brands—brands where they feel like, ‘They get me.’"
That, of course, is tough to do when working under a giant debt burden and investors who want to see a quicker return. Most Millennial parents just aren’t going to pass on the convenience and prices offered online, even for a brand whose aisles seemed like heaven when they were growing up."
Por todo o lado sinais desta evolução no mundo do retalho com a ascensão do comércio electrónico.

O português-tipo, carregado de locus de controlo externo, quando abalroado pela evolução dos modelos de negócio, resvala para a esmola do papá-Estado como se pressente com a imprensa.

Gente com locus de controlo interno procura alternativas, refaz o mundo onde actua, experimenta e itera.

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