quarta-feira, março 29, 2017

A armadilha (parte II)

Armadilha (parte I).

O problema das BA e das TAP quando se põe a copiar o modelo de negócio de disruptores criados de raiz é bem tratado e trabalhado neste texto, "Why You Don’t Understand Disruption":
"Ever been to the “Disrupt” conference? Self-proclaimed “disruptors” gather to reach consensus about what are the non-consensus ideas out there.
Bigwigs having a conference on disruption is like the Czar creating a bureau on revolutionary thinking. Really want to see disruption? Don’t go to a conference. Go to where people are breaking the rules.[Moi ici: Não resisti a incluir esta introdução cheia de ironia venenosa]
We want to believe in the slow-incumbent myth, so we dismiss the early moves by incumbents as half-hearted. But look again at the evidence. Successful incumbents are often very innovative — too innovative for their own good. What is going on in these cases is success bias. When business leaders win, they infer from victory an exaggerated sense of their own ability to win. So they are overly eager to enter into new competitions — even ones in which they are not well suited to play. Their very success in the earlier business is evidence that they are well-honed to an earlier strategy, yet it is that earlier success that makes them especially willing to move into the new competition.
The lesson for leaders? Disruption is not just about technology changing; it is about changing the logic of a business. Success with a new technology requires organizing for a new logic, and organizing in new ways requires that you forget the successes of your past."
Este sublinhado revela o problema.

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