domingo, janeiro 22, 2017

Uma novela sobre Mongo (parte XVI)

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"Who do you trust?
Do you trust a large media organisation that survives by running advertisements for [Moi ici: Lembrei-me logo da TSF e da catrefada de anúncios e programas institucionais pagos pelo governo, organismos públicos e autarquias] giant global brands (who may well be polluting the earth and encouraging kids to eat food that makes them sick, or who make products with planned obsolescence) [Moi ici: Recordar este exemplo] to tell you the truth about the world around you? Or do you trust a passionate ‘amateur’ writing a blog about a topic of interest and passion late on a Saturday night to share some valuable information with others for no money, no payoff and no vested interest other than sharing value with other people? Yes, we all have an agenda, even that lonely blogger, but the probability of agenda purity in my view sits with the independent. I know who I trust more. And trust is the currency of a connected economy where the cost of everything is tumbling."

No exemplo citado:
"the new editor in chief, emphasized the editorial freedom that the magazine would have without ads. She said she planned to “bring in controversial stories” on topics such as medical errors, toxic cosmetics and the anti-aging industry.
In the July issue, for instance, there is an article about medical marijuana. “In the past, advertisers might not have wanted to be side by side with that content,” Ms. O’Dair said."

Trecho inicial retirado de "The Great Fragmentation : why the future of business is small" de Steve Sammartino

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