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Uma novela sobre Mongo (parte XII)

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Segue-se outra previsão, de "The Great Fragmentation : why the future of business is small" de Steve Sammartino, que vem ao encontro do que escrevemos aqui no blogue há muitos anos acerca dos prosumers e da tendência para empresas mais pequenas:
"The laptop corporation.
The story of access isn’t limited to production and digital services. This is true for all the major elements that go into the business marketing mix. We also have access to new ways of raising finance, … And we have access to an audience, ... A more accurate and wider view is that we’re all laptop corporations if we want to be. If anyone has access to an entry-level, $500 device and an internet connection, they also have access to a media production facility, a media distribution facility, low-cost labour markets, the world’s manufacturing districts, global banking and payment systems, and even bespoke capital-raising techniques from crowdfunding websites. In real terms, anyone with access to the network has access to all of the important factors of production.
Access to technology and information creates access to an everything state.
Information not only changes what we can know and what we can do, it changes where we’ll get it. We’re entering the age of the infinite store, where you, I and everyone else can retail.

What it means for business
Everything a company can do, a person can do now too. Having a large corporate infrastructure is no longer an advantage."
Uma grande vénia ao recentemente falecido Alvin Toffler que escreveu sobre as electronic cottages do futuro no distante ano de 1980:
O meu exemplar, herdado de casa dos meus pais.

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