quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2017

Palavras sensatas

Palavras sensatas de alguém que me habituei a respeitar:
"The other paradigm views policies as solutions to specific problems. Because each society [Moi ici: Substituir por empresa] has a unique set of characteristics, constraints and goals, policies are necessarily idiosyncratic: the path is made by walking. This does not mean that one should disregard what can be learned from others; but imitation without adaptation is a recipe for ineffectiveness, if not worse. It can easily imply importing solutions to non-existent problems, while letting real problems fester.
took the risk of imagining some key strategic, export-oriented investments, and then focused on creating the conditions to make them happen.
Authentic leadership requires a commitment to real goals. But, to achieve them, there are no prêt-à-porter solutions. Tailoring policies to specific problems, without disregarding the lessons from the past or from elsewhere, involves risks, and any responsible leader will necessarily feel the anxiety this creates."
Trechos retirados "Authentic Leadership"

BTW, Nuno podemos aprender algo com o Panamá?

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