quarta-feira, novembro 30, 2016

Interessante, nestes tempos de Amazon, Mongo cresce (Parte II)

Parte I.

Cada vez mais exemplos da explosão de diversidade em Mongo. Desta vez, à semelhança dos discos de vinil, o retorno do livro em papel "The myth of the disappearing book":
"After years of sales growth, major publishers reported a fall in their e-book sales for the first time this year, introducing new doubts about the potential of e-books in the publishing industry. A Penguin executive even admitted recently that the e-books hype may have driven unwise investment, with the company losing too much confidence in “the power of the word on the page.”
Even before the advent of digital technologies, critics have predicted the demise of existing media. After television was invented, many claimed radio would die. But radio ended up surviving by finding new uses; people started listening in cars, during train rides and on factory floors."

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