segunda-feira, novembro 28, 2016

"De tão concentrado no corte dos custos"

Uma outra tendência para o futuro.

Até que ponto as PME podem abdicar dos intermediários e usar a internet e as suas plataformas para chegar directamente ou quase aos consumidores?

Em vez de:
B2B2C ou B2B2B2C
Apostar em:
Não esquecer os números: 10 para 30 para 90.

O que nos propõe "Manufacturer to Consumer Retail in 3 Trends":
"A recent trend in retail is making waves in the industry. Manufacturer to consumer retail (M2C) is helping new brands enter a competitive space and consumers are adopting it faster than could have been imagined. M2C companies espouse high-quality products at lower prices because they make direct relationships with manufacturers rather than working through the traditional importer to brand to buyer relationships. With the rise of mobile tech for retail, companies in the M2C space are leveraging technology to increase their reach.
most M2C companies tailor their products and shopping experiences to women and moms. "In our experience, Mom's have been an incredibly engaged consumer group. By creating social communities for sharing, focusing on the right product mix, and creating intentional customer service initiatives, we've had success connecting with mom's in the M2C space."
If you search manufacturer to consumer brands online, you will find that a majority of them serve a female audience. As these trends make it easier for manufacturer to consumer brands to enter the market, it is important to remember that innovation and solving a need in the market are what drive the success of fledgling companies. M2C companies are well positioned to take increasing percentages of market share from traditional brick and mortar retailers."
O retalho tradicional de tão concentrado no corte dos custos, descurando a experiência, coloca-se no campo mais fácil para ser trocado pelo e-commerce.

No entanto, convém fazer bem as contas.

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