quinta-feira, novembro 24, 2016

Acerca da produtividade

Ando a escrever sobre isto há anos:
"But ‘productivity’ is off-kilter: the original and subliminal meaning is the rate of output per unit of input, and which implicitly stresses increasing output. As I recently commented at a dinner party, the term ‘productivity’ has a bit of barbed wire in its deeper associations.
We aren’t really designing tools or practices to increase output, per se, despite using the term ‘productivity’ so liberally. We are really seeking to improve outcomes, which is something different altogether. And that distinction is critical, because it opens the door to incorporating innovation, creativity, and the emergent value of people cooperating toward mutual ends."
Por exemplo "Acerca da produtividade, mais uma vez (parte I)" e "Actualizem o documento por favor."

Trecho inicial retirado de "Progressivity, not Productivity"

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