domingo, maio 29, 2016

Mais um exemplo da economia das experiências

Mais um exemplo da economia das experiências:
"She was also an actor playing a part, one of several whose paths we’d cross over the course of a two-day immersive theater experience in the Bay Area called The Headlands Gamble. As “detectives” employed by an agency referred to only as The Firm, my boyfriend and I had signed on to help “investigate” a crime, but at the start of the weekend we really had no idea where we would be going or what we would be doing—only that it would involve a caper that would take us around Marin County, San Francisco’s quirky neighbor to the north.
With a $2,450 price tag, this would not be an ordinary weekend away—an entire production, including actors and support staff, would create a fantasy world around us in the real world (think David Fincher’s The Game, with less danger and more wine). As the marquee debut from First Person Travel, a startup-style agency founded by creators Satya Bhabha and Gabe Smedresman, the experience blends game design with a longform interactive storyline.
 "Our greatest resource is the environment we're in. We get incredibly high production values for free, just by virtue of being there."
“Living a movie that heightens the world around you with the narrative, and where you have an impact on how things play out.”"
Não custa nada imaginar algo do mesmo género no vale do Douro, no montado alentejano, na baixa do Porto ou na Viarco em São João da Madeira.

Trechos retirados de "Become the Star of Your Own Live-Action Thriller for a Weekend"

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