quarta-feira, abril 20, 2016

O papel da relação, o trunfo da interacção

Em "Experiential marketing : secrets, strategies, and success stories from the world’s greatest brands" de Kerry Smith e Dan Hanover sublinhei:
"For decades, just three differentiators—or as we call them, core value propositions (CVPs)—distinguished brands from one another and drove all marketing campaigns: price, performance, and service.
But over the years, heightened competition and fragmentation eventually commoditized the three CVP drivers. In nearly every category, virtually every brand began to promote lower prices, high performance, and excellent service. Put another way, the marketing campaigns and the brand promises became nearly identical. The logos and taglines may have been different, but the messaging was the same.
It all begged the question: If marketers were no longer differentiating their brands, why were people choosing to buy them?
Because, as it turned out, there weren’t three core value propositions - there were four. Yes, purchase decisions had been primarily influenced by price, performance, and service. But we found that purchases, more and more, were actually being driven by a fourth CVP: relationship.
Studies, focus groups, and market research began to show that consumers who considered themselves to be “in a relationship” with a company were less influenced by price, performance, and service."
Como não pensar logo em ""Don’t let algorithms replace leadership"" e em "É isto que os humanos têm de procurar em Mongo!"

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