quarta-feira, março 30, 2016

Pensamento visual e estratégia

"The list of questions makes clear that an important premise behind the ViSM approach to making strategy is that there should be a strong connection between strategy and operations, or else the strategy is relatively useless. In other words, if the strategy cannot be put into practice, then it will have no effect on changing the organization, its relationships with its environment, or any part of the environment. The strategy, in other words, will be equivalent to the typical New Year’s resolution. In contrast, ViSM is designed to focus attention on coherence and consistency across what people say (rhetoric), what they decide (choices), what they are willing to pay for (budget), what they do (actions), and the desirable consequences of those actions in terms of mission and goals, as well as any likely undesirable or untoward consequences that need to be managed.
The list of questions also makes clear another important premise behind the ViSM approach to making strategy: beyond any conceptual connection between strategy and operations, there must also be strong links between the strategy in question and the psychological, social, and political commitments on the part of key stakeholders needed to implement it. [Moi ici: Recordar "uma estratégia empresarial não é uma ciência newtoniana, também tem muito do que querem os empresários fazer, do que gostam, da sua experiência, da sua paciência estratégica"] Again, without these linkages the strategy will be little more than hand waving on the part of the strategy formulators without any subsequent heavy lifting by the implementers. The need to create these commitments means that the process of developing strategies is typically as important—perhaps even more important—than the actual content of the strategies."[Moi ici: Quantas vezes sinto isto. O processo é tanto ou mais importante como o conteúdo. Chegar ao fim e sentir que as pessoas estão alinhadas e possuem a propriedade do resultado, é deles ponto]

Trecho retirado de  "Visual Strategy Strategy Mapping for Public and Nonprofit Organizations" de John M. Bryson, Fran Ackermann, e Colin Eden.

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