sexta-feira, março 25, 2016

Paciência estratégica: Q.E.D.

Há anos que escrevo aqui no blogue sobre a importância da paciência estratégica para as PME:
"A recent study by three professors at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management is part of a growing mountain of evidence of the superior and more lasting performance of companies where the founder still plays a significant role as CEO, chairman, board member, or owner or adviser. Specifically, the study found that S&P 500 companies where the founder is still CEO are more innovative, generate 31% more patents, create patents that are more valuable, and are more likely to make bold investments to renew and adapt the business model — demonstrating a willingness to take risk to invent the future."

Trecho retirado de "Founder-Led Companies Outperform the Rest — Here’s Why"
"We find strong empirical support that for S&P 500 firms over the period 1993–2003, a founder CEO is associated with greater innovation as measured by the citation-weighted patent count, number of patents, and citations per patent. In other words, the R&D investments of founder CEO-managed firms are more effective and efficient in generating innovation. As boundary conditions of the relationship, we find that the positive effect of founder CEOs on innovation is stronger (weaker) in more (less) competitive and innovative industries. We also find that firms with founder CEOs have a tendency to explore diverse technological domains and to generate substantially impactful innovations that can provide new potential opportunities for subsequent technological developments. We interpret these findings as evidence that founder CEOs are more likely to positively affect their firm’s innovation strategy."
Trecho retirado de "Founder CEOs and Innovation: Evidence from S&P 500 Firms"

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