segunda-feira, março 07, 2016

Acerca do futuro das plataformas

"For a somewhat different picture of a future in which the blockchain undermines central platforms, travel to Israel, where a handful of collaborators have hatched a car-sharing service that’s been dubbed the “anti-Uber.”
“The responsibility of La’Zooz and other projects of its kind is to show there is a possibility for such services and networks to come to life without a central entity, or with a central entity that acknowledges the power and importance of the network creators,” he says.
La’Zooz is more of a DCO; it calls itself a “Decentralized Transportation Platform owned by the community.”
One thread connects all these labels: They’re all about wresting marketplace relationships away from the grasp of the old rent-seeking, monopoly-hungry platforms.
n an essay last year, Trebor Scholz, a professor at the New School, imagined recreating Uber by, as he puts it, “basically, ripping out the heart and putting in a cooperative — run the technology with different values, to the benefit of the workers and everybody else involved.” Scholz and his collaborators call this approach “platform cooperativism”; melding app-economy tech with old-school progressive labor organization, they hope to spark a movement."
Aquilo a que chamámos plataformas de 2ª geração o pós-uberismo.

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