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A crença louca na eficiência, quando se lida com gente

"For instance, if you take health care, that industry or market is very vulnerable to the pattern involving expanded market reach. This is the notion of creating platforms that can connect fragmented players with diverse customer needs, and tend to undermine the notion of “one size fits all” mass-market approach to the marketplace.
We would say health care is interesting as a central target for that pattern. The whole focus of health care over the past several decades has been to get bigger and more uniform in the way that it deals with disease and patients. Our sense is that this is creating opportunities for much more specialized expertise and capability, and potentially reverse the trend in which doctors are becoming part of larger and larger institutions. This will create opportunities to go back to much more focused and specialized medical practices."
A crença louca na eficiência, sobretudo quando se lida com pessoas... isto fez-me recuar ao final do século passado e à leitura de "The seven habits of higly effective people":
"At one point, one of my sons was deeply into scheduling and efficiency. One day he had a very tight schedule, which included down-to-the-minute time allocations for every activity, including picking up some books, washing his car, and "dropping" Carol, his girlfriend, among other things.
Everything went according to schedule until it came to Carol. They had been dating for a long period of time, and he had finally come to the conclusion that a continued relationship would not work out. So, congruent with his efficiency mode, he had scheduled a 10- to 15-minute telephone call to tell her.
But the news was very traumatic to her. One-and-a-half hours later, he was still deeply involved in a very intense conversation with her. Even then, the one visit was not enough. The situation was a very frustrating experience for them both.
Again, you simply can't think efficiency with people. You think effectiveness with people and efficiency with things. I've tried to be "efficient" with a disagreeing or disagreeable person and it simply doesn't work. I've tried to give 10 minutes of "quality time" to a child or an employee to solve a problem, only to discover such "efficiency" creates new problems and seldom resolves the deepest concern."
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