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Lembram-se de Bruce Jenner? (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.
A importância da coerência de um modelo de negócio para atingir níveis de desempenho superiores:
"Exceptional Winners figure out what they’re really good at, and configure their business model as well as operating model accordingly. They focus intensely on  what they do better than others to win in the market and build truly distinctive capabilities. Successful companies have a clear understanding of how they win in the market and create value, and have developed a clear positioning strategy.
However, the bridge between strategy and impact is the business and operating model, and by configuring the business model to create a system of mutually reinforcing capabilities, the competitive advantage can become more powerful.
We measured the Business Model Coherence as a function of how closely  aligned the company was to a certain business model type.
A company with a high Business Model Coherence score has made conscious choices about using a single business model throughout the entire company, whereas a company with a low coherence score operates multiple business models."
Este "low coherence score" fez-me recuar a 2008 e ao tema das estratégias puras e híbridas:

Trechos retirados de "Business model innovation in consumer goods" 

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