sexta-feira, dezembro 11, 2015

Acerca da economia das experiências

"One of the most exciting aspects of the technology industry today is the rise of new business models.
Now comes another new “economy” to think about: the experience economy. IfOnly, a web site started by well-connected San Francisco entrepreneur Trevor Traina, is building a business by selling customers the opportunity to do unique things rather than to own them. The site offers everything from pedaling up Marin County’s Mt. Tam with inventors of the mountain bike to baking with the creators of San Francisco’s Kara’s Cupcakes. “Every trend and every research report points to the fact that people want to live experientially,” Traina says. “People’s lives are pointing to experiences, not things. This is as true for wealthy people as millennials. The goal of IfOnly is to power the experience economy using our technology platform.”
Recordar ""uma oportunidade tremenda de se diferenciar" (parte IV)"

Trecho retirado de "Welcome to the ‘Experience’ Economy"

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