quarta-feira, outubro 28, 2015

Alinhamento estratégico

"Rule 2.1 - The operations strategy that a company deploys must be driven by the value proposition that the firm provides to its customers. [Moi ici: Daí a importância do mosaico estratégico, do encaixe a vários níveis, de várias actividades, pessoas e outros recursos. Daí o absurdo de montar sistemas de gestão da qualidade desligados da estratégia da empresa]
This rule, then, must be at the heart of any corporate discussion regarding its operations strategy. Hence, before we identify the appropriate operations strategy, it is essential to define the customer value proposition provided by the firm. I define customer value as "the way customers perceive the company's offerings, including products, services, and other intangibles." Customers' perceptions can have several dimensions:
  • Product innovation, 
  • Product selection and availability, 
  • Price and brand, 
  • Value-added services, and 
  • Relationships and experiences. 
The first three items in this list of dimensions are the essentials, and the final two items are more sophisticated dimensions that may not always be as important but can be mined for ideas to create a unique way to add value and differentiation to a company's offering. Taking a position along each one of the customer value dimensions defines the business strategy."
Trecho retirado de "Operations Rules: Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations de David Simchi-Levi"

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