domingo, agosto 23, 2015

Um bom desafio, a subida na escala de valor

"The challenge for Tunisia’s olive oil industry is not just to find ways to increase production, but also to export less oil in bulk and more bottled and branded products, officials and exporters say. More than 75 per cent of the country’s output is exported in bulk to Italy and Spain, where it is mixed with local oil before being bottled and marketed as a product of those countries.
“The Tunisian product is not known; we are trying to overcome this,” ... we still need to create a profile for Tunisian olive oil.”"
Um bom desafio, a subida na escala de valor, o abandono da venda de granel comoditizado e a criação de uma marca.
O mesmo desafio que muitos produtores portugueses precisam de abraçar, abandonar a exportação a granel.

Trecho retirado de "Record olive oil exports boost Tunisia’s flagging economy"

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