terça-feira, dezembro 23, 2014

To everything - turn, turn, turn ...

Tão interessante esta estória "You Can Now Convert Your MP3s to Vinyl Records":
"For the better part of a century, the vinyl record reigned supreme as the most popular format for listening to recorded sounds.
A testament to their unique charms, vinyl records survived the coming of the 8-track and the cassette tape, before being put out to pasture, more-or-less, by compact discs in the 1990s.
When it seemed clear that analog formats, of which vinyl is one, would give way to digital, some consumers rushed out to buy CDs. Others scrambled to convert their sometimes massive libraries of vinyl records to mp3s.
But now vinyl has seemingly risen from the grave.
With vinyl resurgent, some consumers now want to convert their digital music back into analog format. Enter a new crop of entrepreneurs looking to make a buck by helping consumers retrofit their music collections. For a price, websites like vinyl-pressing.com, edsvinyl.com, and vinylrecorder.com allow consumers to convert their mp3 files into vinyl records."
We are all weird!!!

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