quinta-feira, novembro 27, 2014

Shift happens! (parte VII)

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Decididamente, o livro "Business Strategy - Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Enterprise" de  J.-C. Spender é muito bom!!!
"A BM [business model] is not a rigorous or coherent theory of the firm for it must frame and engage uncertainties if it is to lead to the possibility of adding value.
Thus a BM is never determined by outside circumstance, only by the strategic work of its construction. Nor is it detachable from its context; to the contrary it is an ever-evolving pattern of shaped interaction between the human beings who share and comprise the context. [Moi ici: Onde é que o Estado-Planeador tem em conta esta interacção idiossincrática?] It is typically incomprehensible to those who have not inhabited its context, time, and history.
Nor is it fully expressible. It is organic, tacit, and vitalized, a dynamic form of knowing that is forever a “work in progress” as it responds to the strategist’s unfolding experience of applying the BM in its shifting context. But, equally, it is not organic in the strict biological sense of having a form of vitality that is independent of the human elements that, interacting through the BM, bring it to life. Its only vitality is that of the human beings involved, their practice of projecting their imagination into the context as intentional value-adding practice.
The uncertainties in the socio-economy open up an economic space for the firm’s value-adding processes. Another way to put this is that firms exist only when their markets (shorthand for “the broader socio-economy”) “fail” to be fully determined because, perhaps, full information is not fully available to all economic actors. [Moi ici: Onde é que o Estado-Planeador tem em conta estas incertezas?] Real markets are not fully prescriptive, and they cannot determine the nature of the firm. There are other “causes” or determinants. Typically the firm has features and aspects imprinted on it by the imagination of its creators."

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