quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2014

Shift happens! (parte VI)

Parte I, parte II, parte IIIparte IV e parte V.
Acerca da frase de Max De Pree citada na parte V e da sugestão de alteração, ontem à tarde, durante a condução na N14, que não percorria há anos, recordei-me deste postal "Estratégia, mapas errados e self-fulfilling prophecies":
“The generic process involved is that meaning is produced because the leader treats a vague map or plan as if it had some meaning, even though he knows full well that the real meaning will come only when people respond to the map and do something. The secret of leading with a bad map is to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Having predicted that the group will find its way out, the leader creates the combination of optimism and action that allows people to turn their confusion into meaning and find their way home.”
Esta história contada por Karl Weick é simplesmente divinal.

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