segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2014

Diferenciação e distribuição, um tema intemporal

Muitas vezes, aqui no blogue, escrevo sobre o século XX como o século da produção em massa e da normalização.
"The idea of scale, though, isn’t something unique to the 21st century; in fact, it was the key driver of the 20th, and it all started with Henry Ford and the assembly line."
Em "Differentiation and Value Capture in the Internet Age" discute-se a "internet age" mas na verdade o tema é intemporal. Recordo os frangos Purdue vs a distribuição grande, por exemplo.
No lado esquerdo estão os que se diferenciam, no lado direito estão os donos das prateleiras, das plataformas, dos agregadores.
"To use the strategic term, [Moi ici: Os do lado esquerdo da figura] they are differentiated, and differentiated people – or products – can charge far more than their marginal cost.
Taylor Swift is not some sort of Luddite futilely standing against the forces of modernity; rather, she is a highly differentiated content creator capturing the immense value she is creating instead of ceding it to an aggregator that treats every piece of content the same."
Claro, o campeonato que aqui pregamos:
"The thing about Internet scale is it doesn’t just have to mean you strive to serve the most possible people at the lowest possible price; individuals and focused publications or companies can go the other way and charge relatively high prices but with far better products or services than were possible previously." 

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