terça-feira, abril 01, 2014

Síndroma do vencedor?

Um texto esquisito "Local florists fight undercutting by online 'DOGs'"...
Por um lado, parece o síndroma do vencedor que assola a mente de quem ganha um concurso de fornecimento e, só depois, nessa altura, percebe que vai perder dinheiro com esse cliente. Por outro parece... ganância? Estupidez?
A velha história americana do merceeiro que vendia lápis a um preço abaixo do custo mas que assegurava que ganhava dinheiro porque vendia muita quantidade e isso compensava. Quantas empresas, enganadas ppelo isco da quota de mercado não cometem o mesmo erro?
"They take orders online and from toll-free numbers, add the standard 20 percent commission and other fees (that florists claim are too high), and then relay the order to a florist in the recipient's hometown - Penny's, say - to be filled and delivered.
By the time Penny's gets it, the commission and fees have been deducted from the $80 order, which is now worth $50. After Pannepacker deducts his $10 delivery fee, he's left with $40 - half the original order - to make the beautiful flower arrangement the customer chose from the order-gatherer's website.
It's a no-win situation: Pannepacker can either fill the full order and lose money, or substitute a cheaper arrangement and risk consumer outrage.
"What can you do? We're all kind of stuck," he says."
Claro que alguns já se procuram destacar:
"They're raising their online profile, urging customers to add flowers to their "buy-local" list, and trying to promote the things they can do that order-gatherers can't, such as creating custom orders and focusing on special occasions and niche markets."

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