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"Stressors are information"

"Stressors are information" é uma frase que aprendi com Nassim Taleb e que aprendi a estimar.
"Constraints have a Goldilocks quality: too many and you will indeed suffocate in stale thinking, too few and you risk a rambling vision quest. The key to spurring creativity isn't the removal of all constraints. Ideally you should impose only those constraints (beyond the truly non-negotiable ones) that move you toward clarity of purpose.
If a constraint enhances your understanding of the problem scope and why you're doing what you're doing, leave it in. Insights into user needs, for example, are great because they provide focus and rationale.
So don't be afraid of constraints. They can be your friend, your muse even. Thinking outside the box is all well and good, but if the box is the right size and shape it might help, not hinder, your creativity."
Interessante dois artigos semelhantes na mesma altura:
"The traditional view of creativity is that it is unstructured and doesn't follow rules or patterns. Would-be innovators are told to "think outside the box," "start with a problem and then brainstorm ideas for a solution," "go wild making analogies to things that have nothing to do with your product or service."
We advocate a radically different approach: thinking inside the proverbial box, not outside of it. People are at their most creative when they focus on the internal aspects of a situation or problem—and when they constrain their options rather than broaden them. By defining and then closing the boundaries of a particular creative challenge, most of us can be more consistently creative—and certainly more productive than we are when playing word-association games in front of flip charts or talking about grand abstractions at a company retreat."
Tempos de crise, tempos de falta de dinheiro, são tempos de aplicar a criatividade. Por exemplo, seguindo o caminho menos percorrido.

Trecho inicial retirado de "Boosting Creativity Through Constraints"
Segundo trecho retirado de "Think Inside the Box"

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