quinta-feira, abril 25, 2013

"Processos e experiência dos clientes" (parte III)

Parte I e II.
Trechos retirados do Capítulo 3, "Everything is a service", do livro "The Connected Company" de Dave Gray:
"Most companies today are designed to produce high volumes of consistent, standard outputs, with great efficiency and at low cost. Even many of today’s services industries still operate in an industrial fashion.
But most of these services are not really services at all. They are factory-style processes that treat people as if they were products moving through a production line. Just think of the last time you called a company’s “customer service line” and ask yourself if you felt well served. Sure, many services require some level of efficiency, but services are not production processes. They are experiences. Unlike products, services are often designed or modified as they are delivered; they are co-created with customers. Services are contextual—where, when, and how they are delivered can make a big difference. They may require specialized knowledge or skills. The value of a service lies in the interactions: it’s not the end product that matters, so much as the experience. Service providers often must respond in real time to customer desires and preferences. To this end, a company with a service orientation cannot be designed and organized around efficiency processes. It must be designed and organized around customers and experiences. This is a complete inversion of the mass-production, mass-marketing paradigm, which will be difficult for many companies to adopt.
The first step to a service orientation is to change the way we think about products. Instead of thinking about products as ends in themselves, we need to think of them as just one component in an overall service, the point of which is to deliver a stellar customer experience. (Moi ici: Mas mais do que só "delivery", a experiência continua após a entrega e prolonga-se para o uso, e para lá do uso, prolonga-se nos sentimentos que ao longo do tempo vão emergir com a experiência vivida e, com a reflexão ao longo do tempo sobre essa experiência)
We have developed a tendency to think of flows in terms of process, but services and processes are not the same. Processes are linked, linear chains of cause and effect that, when managed carefully, drive predictable, reliable results. A service is different. While processes are designed to be consistent and uniform, services are co-created with customers each and every time a service is rendered. This difference is not superficial but fundamental." (Moi ici: Recordar "Cuidado com a cristalização")

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