sábado, janeiro 26, 2013

Curiosidades do dia

"Researchers grouped majors together into business and economics, humanities, and other (science, engineering, psych).  The results showed little difference in honesty as a factor of socio-demographic characteristics or gender. A student’s major, however, was a different story. As it turned out, those in the humanities, who were the most honest of all, told the perfect truth a little over half the time. The broad group of “other” was a bit less honest with around 40% straight shooters. And how about the business and economics group? They scraped the bottom with a 23% rate of honesty."
Trecho retirado de "Economics and the maximization of profit (and lies)"
"moving products from factories to shelves is a costly part of the total value chain, representing 9 to 17 percent of end-to-end costs."
Trecho retirado de "Retailer-Supplier Collaboration in the Supply Chain"

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