terça-feira, dezembro 28, 2010

Purpose First. Then Profit.

Este postal de Umair Haque "Purpose First. Then Profit." merece ser lido e relido:
"90% of boardrooms tend to think profit is the fundamental animating purpose of commerce, companies, and trade.
It’s not. Profit is an effect, not a cause; a reward, not the accomplishment (unless your goal is an economy that’s nothing more than a herd of drooling zombies lumbering their way around a game of creaking musical chairs). The cause, the accomplishment, the outcome—these are the stuff of purpose. In short: though the vast majority of beancounting, overquantified, fatally oblivious C-suites think so, from an economic perspective, profit is not purpose. Put the two together, and you get what might call a yawning, gaping “purpose gap”.
The result of the purpose gap? 90% of companies can’t get to grips with one of the most significant and powerful institutional innovations around. They can’t craft a meaningful, resonant—and disruptive—philosophy, a statement of first principles that defines in sharp, clear terms how they will create value (instead of merely extracting it), because they don’t (or won’t) put a bigger, more enduring purpose first.
The endgame? Many industries become ponziconomies, creating little or no authentic economic value—because the bulk of firms within them are earning profits which are mostly an illusion."
Para formular, para entender, para viver uma razão de ser, um propósito, uma missão, há que: primeiro abandonar as teorias e ter sentimentos, e sonhar!
Conhecem economistas comentadores da realidade económica que estejam apaixonados por produtos ou por clientes?

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