quarta-feira, março 25, 2009

Mais actual que nunca

A leitura do artigo "A Dynamic View of Strategy" da autoria de Constantinos Markides e publicado pela Sloan Management Review na Primavera de 1999.
"in every industry, there are several viable positions that companies can occupy.
Therefore, the essence of strategy is selecting one position that a company can claim as its own. A strategic position is simply the sum of a company's answers to the following questions:
  • Who should the company target as customers?
  • What products or services should the company offer the targeted customers?
  • How can the company do this efficiently?
Strategy involves making tough choices on three dimensions: which customers to focus on, which products to offer, and which activities to perform.
Strategy entails choosing, and a company will be successful if it chooses a distictive strategic position that differs from those of its competitors. The most common source of strategic failure is the inability to make clear and explicit choices on these three dimensions."
"the heart and soul of strategy is asking the "who-what-how" questions, developing alternatives, and selecting specific goals and actions."
E muito importante:
"As industries change, new strategic positions arise to challenge existing positions. Change in industry conditions, customer needs or preferences, demographics, technology, government policies, competition, and a company's own competencies generate new opportunities and the potential for new ground rules.
Existing niches expand while others die, new niches appear, mass markets fragment into new segments (or niches), "old" niches merge to form larger markets, and so on. This dynamics occurs in every industry."

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