terça-feira, março 17, 2009

Acordar as moscas que estão a dormir (parte XI)

That feeling again:
"We should thank our lucky stars we escaped the budding euro-zone disaster"
"Overall German exports have already dropped by nearly 10pc year-on-year, while the output of the export-dependent German industrial sector is down by almost 20pc. The moral is that it isn't good enough for a country to be prudent itself. To be really safe, the countries with which it trades heavily have to be prudent as well." (Vamos concluir que temos de apostar em comércio equilibrado, entre países saudáveis. Nem só importadores, nem só exportadores)
"poor productivity and strong wage growth has led the Club Med economies' competitive positions to deteriorate dramatically. As a result, current account deficits have ballooned - to 10pc of GDP for Spain, 12pc for Portugal and 14pc for Greece."
" Italian and Greek public debt is close to 100pc of GDP. The markets fear that these governments, along with those of Ireland and Austria, could be forced to default."
"Spanish doldrums": "How does Spain get out of this? No devaluation is possible — and no, I don’t think exiting the euro is feasible. So it has to do it with relative deflation, hard enough in normal times, when at least costs and prices elsewhere are rising a few percent a year. In the face of a depressed and possibly deflationary European economy … this is going to be ugly."
"Estudo afirma que Portugal ameaça união monetária"

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Wyrm disse...

Recomendo que se leve estes artigos ingleses sobre o desastre na Europa com um grãozinho de sal.

O Telegraph faria melhor em analisar bem a situação Inglesa (que é tão ou mais dramática que a Europeia) ao invés de estar constantemente a gritar "olhem como eles estão mal."

É só agendas...