sexta-feira, janeiro 25, 2008

Uma perspectiva interessante do que é a estratégia

Ver a estratégia real de uma organização, como o somatório de pequenas decisões tomadas anonimamente por diferentes pessoas, em diferentes locais, em diferentes momentos, ...

"Emergent strategy... bubbles up from within the organization, is the cumulative effect of day-to-day prioritization and investment decisions made by middle managers, engineers, salespeople, and financial staff. These tend to be tactical, day-to-day operating decisions that are made by people who are not in a visionary, futuristic, or strategic state of mind."

""To understand companies' actual strategies, pay attention to what they do, rather than what they say." In our parlance , this means that a company's strategy is what comes out of the resource allocation process, not what goes into it."

"The resource allocation process is the filter through which all strategic actions must flow. Because it is so complex and diffused throughout a company, it is rare that senior executives can simply devise a new strategy and "implement" it."

É preciso comunicar, comunicar, envolver, envolver, partilhar, partilhar.

Trechos retirados de The Innovator’s solution – Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth” de Clayton Christensen e Michael Raynor.

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